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How many intentions, goals and dreams have you let slip away? Maintaining focus and sense of connection to your vision(s) or what matters most can be challenging. Do you write it down? Do you keep it top of mind? Do you embody it? This is what sets apart the achievers from the dreamers.

Vision Of Self jewelry allows you to step into your higher self through wearable reminder, active meditation, visual affirmation, and transformative connection to your inner strength, keeping you focused and in the feeling and energy of your intentions at all times.

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The Unique Power of Writing

There’s nothing more powerful than handwriting your intentions, goals, dreams, and visions on paper. It’s a simple yet profound action that provides clarity, focus and gives life to your thoughts (like planting a seed)—making them concrete and tangible while activating your unconscious mind.

And there’s a permanence to paper that has an effect on your brain and emotions. Think historical documents, famous journals & diaries, love letters, protest signs and things that are burned into your collective conscious because they were written down.  

Through empirical evidence, writing has also been an invaluable tool for many of the world's most successful and accomplished figures, from renowned creatives and business leaders to spiritual guides and celebrities.

What would you write?

We created Vision Of Self with the intention of being more meaningful, intimate, and versatile than just another piece of beautiful jewelry personalized with permanent engraving. That's why our jewelry can be easily repurposed and self-personalized using a pen and paper, over and over again, with each handwritten note kept private inside the Vision Of Self barrel. This way, each piece is as unique as its wearer, creating a more personal and powerful experiencewhile serving as a daily reminder that helps them empower and focus their thoughts, energy, and actions where they want or need them.

The Barrel

Through a complex and delicate process, each barrel unites the natural simplicity of handcrafted artistry with the sophistication of refined machined detail ensuring that every piece is a true reflection of our dedication to uniqueness and elevated design.


Our Story

Vision Of Self was inspired during a personal journey of self discovery, self improvement and self fulfillment while traveling across Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina. Conceived by multi-hyphenate creator and New York native, Bernard Smith, with insights from global mind-body-spirit leaders, evidence-based research studies, and fashion icons—Vision Of Self is a powerful confluence of style and substance, supported by the immutable law of attraction.

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