Intention & Optimism

Manifest Anything

What are you telling yourself each day? Handwrite a positive note to self and embody it. Wear it as your personal symbol of daily reminder, inspiration and affirmation. What you write down is more likely to happen—if you stay focused and connected to it.

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How It Works

I_   Decide what to write: intentions, goals, dreams, mantras, prayers, reminders, etc.

II_  Write it down on VOS intention paper: empower it with a personally handwritten note. Place inside barrel.

III_ Wear it inside VOS jewelry: stay mindful and connected to it. Focus your thoughts, energy & actions where YOU want them.

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The Gift of Intention

It's the season of giving—help someone special empower their dreams or set New Year's resolutions they can finally hold on to.

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Style & Substance

A symbol of intention and optimism, Vision Of Self is a bold and visual statement about the personal visions that make us who we are.

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